Holiday Hotline

The holidays can be a stressful time for you and your dogs. Lots of people in and out, decorations galore, food, noise, and many other things can really create some concerns with how our dogs handle the slew of activity occurring. This time of year I get multiple requests for in home sessions to “fix” dogs just weeks before the festivities begin and unfortunately that is not an easy task. However, I found that just offering some simple tips to get you through the holiday hustle and bustle will make things much easier, more enjoyable and fun!

This is a busy time for you so it is much easier to fit in a 30 minute private, one and one phone call with me from the comfort of your home! I will cover a lot in a short amount of time and afterwards I will email you a summary of your plan so you can get started right away and check this task off of you holiday list!

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