Pet Sitting – Dog Walking – Training

My experience with dogs and cats is immeasurable. I have handled, walked, trained, pet sat, fostered & rescued almost every breed of dog from a 2 lb Chihuahua to a 125 lb Mastiff. I share my heart and home with 6 amazing rescue dogs and 1 cat.  I have been a Dog Trainer since 2004, been heavily involved in animal rescue for 10 years, have fostered over 100 dogs, and my home for the past 35 years has never been without a cat or 2 since we all need a boss! I truly love animals and revolve my entire life around them, literally.

I LOVE when people ask me what I do for a living and I can say that I have my own pet care business!  While working at a well known pet store chain as the Assistant Manager of their PetsHotel, I realized that pets were not treated as individuals, their mental health was not a priority and service expectations were not being met. Pets were stressed, wouldn’t eat and were even exposed to illness. I wanted to offer an alternative to boarding so pets could experience the safety and comfort of their own home while their humans go away.

The joy of a dog walker gives you piece of mind so you can focus on your busy day and know that your best friend isn’t lonely. Dogs, like humans, are social creatures and crave interaction and stimulation. An enjoyable walk and some playtime provide a welcome break in your dog’s day so s/he can enjoy the fresh air and to stretch their legs.

 My dog training service gives you the tools you need to better understand, communicate and live happily with your dog. As much as we adore our dogs, sometimes they display behaviors that are inappropriate, annoying and sometimes frustrating for us. I want to show you how to enjoy life with your pooch and create that incredible human- canine bond that we should all be blessed to experience.

Every dog and cat under my care receives a tremendous about of love and attention so that they can feel safe and happy while you are away on a vacation, at a day long event, or just busy at work. It is also important to me that every dog lives a fulfilled life so I want to help you and your dog get through some behavioral challenges so you can live in happiness and harmony. I promise you that the care and love I give to your pets will go beyond your expectations. I am fully bonded and insured which means that I take every precaution to assure you that your pets and your home will be safe under my care.